The participation record of the SKB autumn regatta so far has been 23 boats. The organisers were therefore delighted when 35 boats appeared on the starting line on the Great Latitude of the Lower Havel on 6 October in glorious sunshine. With light wind they set off for the Jungfernsee. The wind increased a bit at first, but after about an hour and a half it suddenly and permanently said goodbye. Thus only four boats with low yardstick values made it to the finish at SC Ahoi; most of the other ships had to be towed to their ports. Hans Krapohl (BYC) and crew won with his X-79 Joey in front of the team of Jost Haberland (SCA) with his new J/70 Juno and the Grand Surprise LIA of Achim Röller and crew (PYC). The JK28 Tante Maus of Martin Bruhns (VSaW) made it to the somewhat ungrateful fourth place. The terrace and the hall of the SC Ahoi were full accordingly, where the participants sat together for a long time with sausages and steaks from the grill as well as various salads and of course free beer. Many thanks to all participants and the SC Ahoi, who again provided us with his beautiful and well-equipped premises and clubhouse.
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Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018